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The Berimbolo and Beyond Vol 1

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The first instructional by rising BJJ stars The Miyao Brothers. Two guys who, despite an obvious strength disadvantage, have used these moves to dominate at purple, brown & black in consecutive years. These moves can make any serious BJJ player better - no one else has seen them.Content Includes: Vol 1
Delariva to Back TakeDelariva to Back Take with LapelDelariva to Leg DragDelariva to Back Take variation Kicking Back of KneeDelariva to Leg Drag to Back TakeDelariva to Miyao Balloon to Back TakeDelariva to X-Guard to Technical Stand upInverted Delariva to Inverted Guard to Back TakeInverted Delariva to Inverted Guard to Leg LockInverted Delariva with Spider Hook to X-Guard to Leg DragInverted Delariva to X-Guard to Technical Stand UpInverted Delariva to Inverted Guard to BerimboloInverted Delariva to Inverted Guard to Foot LockDelariva to Back Take Variation Kicking Front KneeSweep From X-Guard to Leg Drag is a mainstay in the BJJ community for providing some of the best and most relevant media. Along with Live Broadcasts, Live Webcasts, Jiu Jitsu documentaries and Instructional DVDs, now brings you the best of BJJ to your mobile device.